What is your favorite language?

Submitted By: Florin on December 3, 2016




What is your favorite language? Source: 9gag.com

"Real developers don't learn a programming language. Real developers learn how to develop software. Learn about the characteristics and difference of programming language, learn design patterns and the way compilers work. May use a certain programming language in the process, though that's fairly irrelevant.

If you feel like earning a quick buck look for some stats about the most popular programming language, take some quick course, make up an interesting story for the job interview and profit. Just don't complain if you're kicked out by some old timer like me for not knowing the basics of the job you call yourself an expert in." - trefrurust (on 9gag)

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December 7, 2016, 7:19 am

jakob-moller wrote:

I guess brainfuck should be something along the lines of this: ++++++++[>++++>++++++>++++++++>++++++++++>++++++++++++<<<<<-]> >>>-------.>++++++.<<<<.>>>>+++++++++++++++++++.----------.+