I like the getting paid part

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I like the getting paid part Source: www.reddit.com

Writing a whole untested project from scratch to fulfill a specific use case and then not maintaining or scaling it.


Writing 10 LoC, spending 2 hours figuring out why it broke some tests, writing your own tests, realizing it doesn't behave as expected for some edge cases, fixing the edge cases, finding that fix breaks some different tests you'd assume to be unrelated, then realizing those tests were actually incorrect and testing incorrect behavior and you've uncovered a subtle existing bug, triaging the impact of that to see if you need to send up a flare, cutting a JIRA ticket for the new bug, rewriting the 10 LoC in a way that doesn't force the bug repro, then running integration tests against the other dozens of subsystems it interacts with for all builds currently in use, then documenting what you did, and it's somehow dark out even though you "started early today because you felt behind" and you're not sure if you actually drank any water today also your wife texted you 90 minutes ago asking if you were coming home soon.

But hey the pay's good.

- Myllokunmingia

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